• GTFS Multi Services Limited Subsidiaries

Date of Incorporation: 1/12/1993

Nature of Business: Micro Finance, engaged in micro lending activities for income generation purpose. The company is regulated by Reserve Bank of India.

Customers: Customer profile includes rural self-employed women who take small loans to run their businesses. Jagaran has around 1 lakh customers.

Geographical Presence: In 50 locations across West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand

Staff Strength: 290

Abira Securities Limited (ASL)

CIN : U67120WB2009PLC131881

Date of Incorporation: 1/03/2009

Nature of Business: Member of BSE & NSE, MCX-Sx Stock Exchange and CDSL.

Customers: Customer profile includes mainly urban businessmen, government and private sector employees. Current customer base is ~314 customers.

Geographical Presence: Orissa, West Bengal

Divine Insurance Brokers Private Limited (DIBPL)

CIN : U66010WB2007PTC114406

Date of Incorporation: 3/22/2007

Nature of Business: Applied for Direct Insurance Broker License.

Customers: N/A.

Status: Yet to receive regulatory approval

Delight Multi Services Private Limited (DMSPL)

CIN : U74999WB2008PTC122644

Date of Incorporation: 2/14/2008

Nature of Business: To provide marketing and consultancy services in respect to finance, act as a BPO on behalf of financial institutions,
to arrange and/or conduct market surveys etc.

GTFS Training Services Limited (GTSL)

CIN : U93000WB2009PLC135034

Date of Incorporation: 5/11/2009

Nature of Business: Established for training individuals on marketing of financial and other products, which allows them to earn their livelihood through self-employment

Activities: Focused on imparting knowledge on financial services, i.e, building awareness about personal line of insurance life and non-life, mutual funds, equity and commodity markets, as well as undertaking skill development programs for distribution of products and services..

Customers: Targeted towards rural and semi-urban youth. The total number of customers stands at 85,239 in 2014.

Geographical Presence: All GTFS Multi Services Limited locations

Staff Strength: 72

Abira Management Services Limited (AMSL)

CIN : U74140WB2008PLC129807

Date of Incorporation: 9/30/2008

Nature of Business: Mutual Fund distribution, Financial Consultancy in the area of Personal and Corporate Finance

Customers: Includes urban, semi-urban and rural customers.

Total Assets under Management (AUM) totalled Rs.45. 23 Crores as of 31st Dec, 2014

GTFS Trading LLP

CIN : AAA-8306 (LLPIN)

Date of Incorporation: 3/12/2012

Nature of Business: Trading in products

Customers: Includes semi-urban and rural customers, served 681 customers in FY 14, and 842 in the first three quarters of FY 15

Geographical Presence: Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, M.P., Maharashtra, New Delhi, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, U.P., Uttarakhand, West Bengal