• Welcome to GTFS Multi Services Limited

    In 2003, GTFS Multi Services Limited (GTFS Multi Services Limited) was formed to offer, inter-alia, basic training and awareness on financial services as well as skill development for distribution of products and services to the rural and semi-urban youth for a small fee. The goal was to make the semi-urban and rural youth self-employed by building awareness and knowledge on financial services and products.


The company has a vision to be one of the largest distributors in the nation for all regulated financial products and services. It intends to be the preferred entity for offering financial services to the entire spectrum of the population- irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds.


The Mission is to achieve the objective of disseminating knowledge of financial services and distribution of financial products to 10 million rural and semi-urban households within the next 5 years.

Business Model of GTFS Multi Services Limited

Today, GTFS Multi Services Limited operates through its subsidiary companies. It has 7 subsidiary companies taking care of different businesses:Jagaran Microfin Private Limited (JMPL), Divine Insurance Brokers Private Limited (DIBPL), Delight Multi Services Private Limited (DMSPL), GTFS Training Services Limited (GTSL), Abira Securities Limited (ASL), Abira Management Services Limited (AMSL) and GTFS Trading LLP. GTFS Multi Services Limited has an excellent track record of integrating new lines of business with existing verticals without exhibiting any signs of distress, or any change management problems associated with people, processes or systems.

Through the subsidiaries, GTFS Multi Services Limited primarily serves rural customers who, while being credit worthy, lack access to essential financial services. These include small and marginal farmers, shopkeepers, small businesses and the unorganized sector. GTFS Multi Services Limited has a pan-India network of ~294 branches spread across 48 divisions covering 24 states and 2 union territories. Majorityof these branches are located in rural and semi urban regions of India.

GTFS Multi Services Limited Group Structure